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Montreal MUL-T-LOCK Locksmith

Founded in 1973 by two young inventors - Avraham Bachri and Moshe Dolev, Mul-T-Lock® Ltd. is a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing High Security products for institutional, commercial, industrial, residential and automotive applications.

Mul-T-Lock holds hundreds of international patents for its innovative products, which include mechanical cylinders, locks and padlocks, electromechanical locking systems, electronic door solutions (EDS) ,automatic assembly and key-cutting machines and complementary accessories.

Mul-T-Lock has built an international reputation based on unique design, quality products, adaptation to changing market needs and excellent customer service.
Mul-T-Lock is a fully owned selling unit of ASSA ABLOY, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of locking solutions, with an annual turnover of more than $3 billion and more than 30,000 employees worldwide.

With a highly skilled workforce of over 690, Mul-T-Lock's factories are fully automated, using state-of-the-art technologies, including robotics and custom-designed machinery, the majority of which is manufactured by Mul-T-Lock.

All Mul-T-Lock products comply with the toughest international standards, including ISO 9001:2000, UL, CEN, VDS, SKG, CPC and A2P. The company’s processes comply with ISO 14001, an international standard that refers to the company’s Environmental Management System and SI 18001, which is a standard referring to Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS).

The Company sells its vast arsenal of field-proven, high security solutions through its 10 selling units in the UK, US, France, Canada, the Czech Republic, Argentina, Turkey, Italy, Belgium and Africa and through a distribution network in nearly 100 countries. Over 100 million users are supported through the auspices of 25,000 service centers deployed worldwide.

With its readiness to rapidly respond to any challenge, Mul-T-Lock ensures peace of mind by delivering comprehensive, customized, top security cylinder locking solutions and services worldwide.

Hercular® deadbolt - provides a high level of security for commercial and residential doors. Featuring hardened steel inserts and parts reinforced with some of the strongest materials available, the Hercular® deadbolt provides outstanding protection against tampering, prying and drilling.

High-security locks - help to protect sensitive storage areas such as drawers and cabinet doors.

Cam locks - come in a range of sizes for use in diverse applications such as parking meters, cash boxes, casinos and pay telephones.

Switch locks - offer key control for electrical circuit systems such as alarm systems.
Access Control - Mul-T-Lock offers a variety of advanced, highly practical, easy-to-use ACCESS CONTROL solutions for residential and commercial applications.

A safe room, a laboratory or an R&D department in a company - they all need a high security level.
Mul-T-Lock access control systems provide you with efficient solutions for compartmentalizing access to special areas in a building and/or for different levels of security, for control and authorization of different sections, classified zones in different sectors - residential, commercial, institutional - ranging from biometric access control through digital and offline RFID based systems.



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