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Montreal Emergency Locksmith    

Everyone is eligible for emergency or convenience service outside of our regular business hours. During the hours of 5:00 pm -11:00 pm Monday to Friday, please be advised that the labour portion alone is subject to a rate 1.5 times our regular day rates(time and a half). Based on availability, we can schedule work in advance during these emergency hours, or for an actual emergency at the time it occurs.

For next business day service at regular day rates, one may call in, or simply click here and email us.

Greene Locksmith’s emergency service is offered only to our established account customers or those who have high security locks installed by us. Any new caller is invited to leave a less urgent message for a next business day call back. In order to maintain a premium service for our large customer base both residential and commercial, we have to limit our emergency service to our own clientele.

During these hours, account clients who find themselves in a position where they can not secure themselves for the night, will be prompted to speak to a live operator who will process the call and in turn dispatch the call to the locksmith on duty. It is the locksmith on duty who finally calls back the client for details. Before dispatching, the locksmith will confirm that the caller is an account holder and if so, will begin taking down all the details of the event and he will determine the time he has available to do the job.

Account customers, whose issues are determined to be non-urgent by the locksmith on duty and mutually by the client, would be better off waiting until regular service hours and will be given a next business day call back to schedule regular service.
In many cases, the job is better suited for a regular service call and at regular service rates. A next business day service request can be emailed to us right from here.

Policy on Return-on-warranty” during emergency hours

Account customers requesting a return-on-warranty during emergency hours will be assessed for urgency and will be processed accordingly. Return-on-warranty repairs will be dispatched if and only if the customer is in fact under warranty, and that the emergency service requested actually involves the specific lock under said warranty. Unless the client can not secure for the night, the return on warranty service will most likely fall on the next business day.

All Emergency Service calls must be called in to our main number